Looking for/ Working as a Baby Sitter

Are you either looking for a baby sitter or looking for a job as a baby sitter? You can check out Sitter.com

At Sitter.com, you can search nearby nannies and see their requested hourly rate, qualifications such as CPA/certification, availability and more detail from their profile.

The price option to contact the nanny/babysitter/daycare from Sitter.com is

  1. $1.50/day for Monthly plan – ($45/month)
  2. $1/day for Quarterly plan – ($30-$31/month)
  3. $0.50/day for Yearly plan – ($15-$15.50/month)

You will usually be able to find the care provider you are looking for within a week or two, so you can opt in for just 1month and cancel the subscription.

If you have close family members or friends living nearby who can help you with babysitting, that is great! but not everyone is fortunate enough to have helping hands. These type of sitter sites are great for those who need extra help with their children because you can find a qualified candidate from looking at their profile, qualification, background check even without posting a job description.

If you are looking for a job as a babysitter/nanny, you can join this site to post your profile including short description of yourself, any training, experiences and hourly rate you want to be paid. Without applying for just 1 position on Indeed or any job site, these types of sitter sites give you more exposure to be seen by real parents looking for a nanny for their children/baby. If you like taking care of children/babies, this is a great way to make living or side income.

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