How to get hired – obtaining certification

These days, more employers will ask about your knowledge on specific tasks than where you went to school. Of course, for certain jobs that require specific education like Doctor, Lawyer, etc., you would need to go University and get a proper degree.

This post is for those who are looking to boost their skill-set, or looking for a second career without paying thousands of dollars for tuition fee.

Going to college or university is a big commitment financially and also timely. However, if you just want to learn about new field or want to improve your chance in getting hired, you can study the certification courses and get certified in the area of your interest.

This site called ExpertRating has a wide range of different certification courses+exam at a really cheap price. For example, you can study and obtain Personal Trainer certification for just $69.99, or PMP Project management professional certification for just $99.99.

There are even beauty certifications, Yoga/Pilates certifications available ONLINE!

You can check out this site HERE and learn more about each certification.


Prepare with the industry leader for IT certification

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